Bermudez Law – FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the price of your service?

A. Generally, for most services the starting fees begin at as little as $400 to $1500 generally. To help prices lower than most competitors, this office engages its clients in flat-rate but nonrefundable retainers usually.

2. Do I need to sign a retainer?

A. Yes, if you have never been a client of Attorney Bermudez in the past this is required by law. This can be done remotely, virtually or in-person, however you desire.

3. Is your office COVID safe?

A. Yes my offices are cleaned regularly, and all persons at the office practice the CDC guidelines when in the same space as other persons; all visitors are expected to wear masks and to refrain from entering the office if they exhibit COVID sypmtoms. Again, virtual, phone or remote meetings are available by request easily during the day or night.

4. If I hire you can you gurantee a result?

A. Unfortunately no, and no lawyer should honestly gurantee anyone anything. A lawyer’s job is to give an educated prediction and forecast as to how they foresee litigation unfolding; also, they should let a client know the unknowns, the variables and the potential consequenes of the many directions that ligitation can often go.

5. Do you do contigency fees?

A. No. In Pennylvania lawyers cannot contract to represent clients in criminal cases, and others, on a contigency basis by law. Contingency arrangements are often for cases involving personal injury or civil rights claims; these are not areas practice by Attorney Bermudez.

6. Do I need to make a payment before you start working?

A. Yes, at least a 50% payment on a retainer must be made unless Attorney Bermudez states otherwise before signing as retainer in order for Attorney Bermudez to begin representing you.

7. Do you do payment plans?

A. Yes, we can specifically make a time-table of payments tailored to your case and situation.

8. I have a minor criminal charge, do I need to hire a laywer?

A. You are never required to hire a lawyer. However, you hire a lawyer for your criminal case because you are asking questions like the above, and therefore you are uncertain about what will go on in your case; thus, you are not really in a good position to represent yourself, seemingly. So you should at least consult a lawyer and ask for a basic opinion on the consequences you face if found guilty of the criminal charges at issue, not “if you need a lawyer”.

9. Will I be forced to represent myself in a criminal case?

A. No, never in the USA will you be without a lawyer; the court will always appoint you a lawyer, the public defender or another, if you cannot earnestly and honestly afford a lawyer (under their economic guidelines and standards in your specific county). You hire a lawyer of your choice so you are comfortable and confident that you are being defending competently and zealously, as you should.